Love Isn’t Reasonable

“Love isn’t reasonable” – Eleanor Carlisle – Sad Cypress

It is such a tiny statement
Hidden away in an episode of Poriot
That you could easily miss it
But that moment when Eleanor Carlisle tells her broken boyfriend that despite all his reasonable efforts
That “Love isn’t reasonable.”
It’s a discovery that shocks more than it comforts
For somehow most of us grow up with the concept that love is fair.
When in truth it is the exact opposite
Love is unfair.

Love is not sensible
Love is not intelligent
Love is not commonsensical
Love is not logical
Love is not prudent
Love is not reasonable
And just to frustrate matters even more love is not just
For love is unfair.

For God has gone to extraordinary lengths to demonstrate his love to us
The God has made his peace to come and work in his wayward children
That God loves us and instead of counting our sins against us, he reaches out and says you are forgiven.
For grace is that extra ordinary length that God has gone to
In order to bring us into his peace
And this peace is far more powerful, far more encompassing that we have ever first believed.
For God’s peace is his restoration
His peace in us now means
That God through Christ has:-
Restored us
Made us whole
Flourishes in us
Satifisfied us
Delights in us
Inspire us
Opens the doors for us
Fulfils us
Puts his justice in our hearts
Reconciles us back to him.
And this is through his work before we acknowledged him
Before we looked at him
Before we were born
For to God love is not reasonable
Love is unconditional
Love is God’s grace given to us through Christ.