God’s Kingdom through God’s Covenant

It is in Messiah Jesus – as the last Adam, true Isreal and David’s greater son – that ALL God’s promises are fulfilled. In Christ, Jew and Gentile are now the one new man, the Church. Together and equally, we inherit ALL of God’s promises in Christ Jesus our Lord.

In this light, it is crucial to see that in Christ and in the inauguration of the new covenant, all God’s promises to Isreal are fulfilled. Because of Christ’s work, the promised Holy Spirit is poured out at Pentecost in fulfilment of Old Testament restoration promises.

Because Christ is the last Adam and the true Isreal, the true and literal seed of Abraham, all of God’s promises to Isreal (which includes the nations) are fulfilled in Christ and inaugurated in the church. God has not replaced Isreal by the church ; instead he has brought Isreal’s role to its fulfilment in Christ and to Christ’s people.

  • (God’s Kingdom through God’s Covenants – Gentry & Wellum page 270).

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