Christ’s Life Has Set You Free

For someone today

Christ life has swallowed up death and his life has set you free.

Jesus Christ has swallowed up evil, sins, shame, guilt, wrong beliefs, lies, false identity, struggles, depression, sickness, decay, accusations, condemnation, violence, suspicion, feelings of separation, hatred, wars, religious thinking, and even death.

Jesus Christ had swallowed it all up in Life!

Jesus has made His history and destiny yours!

Christ has taken all the messes you have made in this life and works them into victories..

He has made sin work backward into innocence…He has made the nothingness of lies into the substance of His reality… He has made darkness into light… He has made death into life! He will make everything come out right in the end, right all wrongs, healing all hurts, making everything whole and perfect…

He has already done it all, already reconciled all to Him, Heaven on earth, in us and through us, and the future has already started!

Today know and live in the fullness of Christ and the reality that Jesus has swallowed up sin and death at the cross. Know that he is working in you to bring death into life. To heal brokenness into wholeness. To bring abundant life into every cell and part of your body.

His life has swallowed up death and his life has set you free.

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