Keep Your Focus

I feel God is saying, “Keep your focus on Jesus, you have not come this way before.”

Out of the blue, I felt God was directing me to Joshua 3:3-4. In this passage God directs the Children of Isreal to keep their eyes on the Ark of the Covenant as they cross the Jordan to enter the Promised Land. The reason God does this is because He knows that they are entering alien territory and they had not come that way before. Before them would be great challenges, various distractions and numerous opportunities to doubt the promises of God. So God instructs them to focus their eyes and their attention on the presence of God manifest in the Ark of the Covanent which will go before them, leading and showing them the way.

I felt God was saying that it is important at this time to focus our attention and our spiritual eyes on Christ. Focus and look to the power of the Holy Spirit in us. We are entering a time that we have not experienced before and it is so easy for us to be fearful of the challenges, daunted by the distractions around us and for us to doubt the promises of God. The world would have us focus on the circumstances, God would have us focus on Christ and his life alive within us.

God is encouraging us to focus on him in the uncertainty, focus on him in the new day of life. There is always a dawn that follows the night. That dawn is the new day of endless possibilities in Christ. That dawn is the realisation that the Holy Spirit lives in you. That dawn is that all the promises of God are YES and AMEN in Christ Jesus. We may not have come this way before, but God holds us, Christ lives with us and the Holy Spirit is the power that lives in us, directing us and leading us. It is time to focus our eyes on Christ and he will lead us in greater depths of grace upon grace. Christ will lead us in greater realms of freedom and release us into greater realms of glory.

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