All-sufficiency of Christ

“I opened my mouth and panted, For I longed for Your commandments.” – Psalm 119:131

Grace is the power that sways us, as well as the favour which distinguishes us.

Placed inside every believers heart is the glory of God. The delight of the Father is the fuel of our security, the passion of his commitment to us. His life within us yearns and desires the sweet communion of intimacy, the shout of God that echoes inside is come and drink of the water of life and never be thirsty again.

We are held in the everlasting arms of the Father, his palms reach out with the comfort of the ages.

When we have no strength, he is our strength, when we need reassurance he is our refuge. You are born of God, you have been grafted into his nature, and you are now part of the divine DNA.

Open your heart and let the longings of the spirit fill your desires, let the faith of Christ fill your purpose and lean on the everlasting promises of God.

Draw on the all-sufficiency of Christ and let him restore your soul.

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