fellowship of Christ

God has brought us into the fellowship of Christ – the fellowship He has with the Son.He wants me to experience the same intimacy and belonging and security that Jesus Himself experiences in the presence of His Father.God whispers to me that this same relationship of love and safety is also mine! Jesus is never afraid of His Father. He never feels a barrier between them. He never feels His Father is angry with Him or disappointed with Him. He never feels His Father is pulling away from Him or hiding His face from Him. There is never anything amiss in that relationship! There is never anything to fear in that relationship! Nothing can go wrong in or spoil that relationship! Nothing can get in between that love flow or stop it. In His relationship with the Father, there is complete safety and security – Jesus knows He is always loved, always delighted in, always approved of, always treated the best way possible, always safe ! And that is the relationship I am a part of through Christ!

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