The sky has split

For someone today The sky has split and the light has come in.

You are now drenched in the light of Christ. The sky is split open. The clouds are torn apart and the light has broken into your situation and you are now drenched in his light.

Don’t go back into looking at the clouds when you can live in the light.

Let his presence consume your heart and flood over your thoughts and mind. Know and experience the intimate connection with Christ today and take his promises and let it light up your consciousness so that all you think and do is flooded by the light of Christ.

In Christ you are a new creation of his new day of favour. His light is jubilee in your heart. His light effortlessly has given you all things in Him. Your heart has been made New and you are innocent in his love. You have been declared and made not guilty in him.

Christ has split those dark clouds of oppression and sickness. He has spoken into your heart and he speaks to you every moment you are alive. Don’t listen to the noise of the traffic around you but listen to the whisper of God in your heart.

Today you are drenched in the light of Christ and the sky has been split so that heaven is now in your heart.

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