For someone today

You are a spark. You are my spark to start a fire going.

A raging fire of my passion, power and love to all you touch and come in contact with.

Don’t be held back by the indifference of others and the sensual experience of others. Don’t be swayed by the opinions of those that don’t engage with you. You are a spark to set the fire of healing and freedom and to break the yoke of oppression. You are a spark to free others from the chains of captivity. You are a spark of the power of the resurrected Christ to release the raging fire of the Holy Spirit in all you say and do. Don’t limit God but let the fire rage. Christ is in you, Christ is with you every moment of your day.

Step forward and start a fire, you are God’s arsonist, his ignition. You are His spark of healing power, His spark of unlimited passion, his spark of endless possibilities. Christ in you is a fire of infinite, overflowing possibilities.

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