Delight by David Joseph Brncik

One of the things I love most about God is that he has the coolest playful spirit and a colorful brilliant sense of humor. Delight yourself in friendship with the King of coolness today. Nobody as cool as Jesus. Nothing cooler then being a Christian. I ended up happy in life after the voice of the Lord calmed the raging sees. I have seen Giants fall and fall hard. Now supernatural joy and extraordinary contentment is my portion. Delight yourself in God that is my philosophy. Delight yourself in the things of God. And every once in a while peer into your own spirit where the Christ in you the hope of Glory dwells and discover unending beauty within yourself. You have unlimited potential within yourself in Christ. You are a masterpiece and you are unique and special. You are deeply loved by God. Heaven itself lives within you. You are a piece of paradise. Create a atmosphere of Heaven around you through the spirit of love and joy that abides in you. Your heart is God’s treasure chest. God will crown his children with everlasting joy. God will clothe his children with everlasting laughter. So smile big child of God and remember we are always lead into eternal triumphant procession in Christ. May the smile of the burning bush dweller be upon you.

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