Our Heart

Our heart has the power to draw us to God or take us captive. It has the power to bring us into freedom or make us hide away in shame. God with all his goodness, desire and delight draws us but our hearts choose our lovers.

The vastness of God’s love for us is found in Jesus. His life was a living sacrifice of God’s open display of his glory. For Jesus was the physical declaration of God’s goodness, mercy and compassion to a chosen people living under a covenant of his rear view, seduced by religious fanaticism and lost in self righteous indulgences.

For it is in these indulgences that control is pursued at the price of freedom.

We hide from the one true God but God finds us and invites us to look into his eyes.

Jesus found us and declared to us that he was bringing us into a new day of God’s favour. That he was here to set free the captive, to heal the brokenhearted, to turn our hearts back God. Jesus leaves us free to love and wooes us with his passionate love and overflowing desire.Jesus is not hiding from you and you never have to hide from him. He has freed you from all guilt and condemnation. He broke the lie of your shame and takes you in as his beloved innocent and accepted child.

Come out from behind your rock of your own security and embrace the grace and love of God.

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