Living Water

The victory of the cross has torn down the wall of separation that we built to keep us from God.

In Christ we no longer have to hide.We have been found, caught and embraced by the love of God. And his love is declared to us at the cross for we are those God has brought home to his palace and we are given the best seat, had the most precious ring placed on our finger and had a lavish banquet given to us.

More than this is that this sacrifice given for us offers us the freedom to enter and live in the favour of God. For Jesus Christ is our entrance to the narrow path of grace. In psalms David wrote about God leading him on a path of God’s righteousness, on a mountain in Israel Jesus echoed David when he said that it was blessed to hunger and thirst for righteousness for when you do you would be fully satisfied. And later, just days before his death in Jerusalem outside the temple Jesus declared that anyone who drinks of his living water would never thirst again.

For the living water is Christ. He is our path of righteousness. He is the satisfaction our hearts desire. He is the delicious fruit and we come and sit in the shade of the Glory of God.

For a tree in an orchard is planted and rooted and full of delicious fruit. We can eat and be satisfied or we can wander and be hungry. Everything has been provided, we are free to take it or pass it by.

This fruit is love, joy, peace, faithfulness, it is restoration and healing to your soul and body. It is the answer to your hearts longing. It is what your emotions, thoughts and life needs to thrive and flourish.

Christ offers it freely to share with you. His invitation is to come and eat of the delicious fruit of his grace.

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