Glory Shining Through You

Glory Shining Through You – The Rear View of God – taken from Stephen G. Dempster.

“There are seven qualities that are mentioned:
A God of compassion and grace; slow to anger; abounding in mercy and faithfulness; maintaining love for thousands; forgiving iniquity, rebellion and sin; not leaving the guilty unpunished; and punishing them down to the third and fourth generation. (Exodus 34: 6-7).

Here is the core indentity of Yahweh – Grace and mercy. And this is his rear view! …..

Moses himself understands immediately the significance of this revelation. While freely acknowledging the rebellious spirit of Isreal, he urges forgiveness. God mercifully restores the covenant with Isreal. As to show the significance of this new revelation of the divine name to Moses, Moses descends the mountain again, carrying the new tablets in his hands. This time his face shines with the glory of God and he is unaware of it. (Exodus 34: 29-35); He descends the mountain as the image of God, man as he was meant to be. It is not the golden calf that represents God but rather humans beings in converse with him.”

(Stephen G. Dempster – Dominion and Dynasty – A theology of the Hebrew Bible – page 106).

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