The First Step

God has taken the first step and he loves us unconditionally.

Love is not earnt, not bought, not worked for, not sold or rewarded.

For love transcends gender, it transcends male and female, as both are needed, equally, to reflect the glory of God.

In Christ we are now united in Spirit, spirit to spirit.

So who am I really?

You are a son and daughter of God. You were planned and purposed before time and you were birthed into time to be the delight of his heart. You are the child he always wanted, the child he adores and loves. You were created in love, birthed in love and held in love.

You are His beloved.

And his love was declared for all eternity at the cross. The cross reaches across the chasm of eternity and takes the past and draws it into the present. For the cross is the promise of the rest of God , provided in the Garden of Eden, sealed in a covenant with David, promised in the declaration of Jonah, demonstrated in the compassion of Jesus, written in letters by the pen of Paul and portraited to John in a vision on the island of Patmos.

God who transcends creation, entered creation and died to reconcile creation.

In Christ you are now a New Creation.

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