The ‘New Season’ Mindset

The word on my mind over the last few weeks is that God is trying to break a “seasons” / ‘New’ mindset that has come over people and stifled Christians.

I cannot count the times when devoted Christians have declared that God is “doing a new thing!” That we are about to enter a “New day” or a “New season”! It is this mindset that takes our faith off all that Christ has already given to us and Christ’s finished work of the Cross. In addition to this, the metaphor of the seasons has become an excuse for moodiness, unbelief, depression, inactivity, and the like. It must end…

Instead of waiting and hoping for ‘God to sovereignly move’, we can access the exceedingly abundantly power that works within us. This power is far above all we could ask or think.

God is encouraging us to breathe in the Holy Spirit alive to and in us, instead of waiting for him to do something. God in Christ has already done it at the cross.

It is time to breathe him in and live in his power within us.

It is time to breathe him in and live in the finished work of Christ.

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