There is Always Noise

Sometimes it’s difficult to hear

Noise gets in the way

Things crowd our minds

There seems to be a constant barrage to get our intention


Last night half way through the murder mystery on TV,

Our daughter burst into the room

And wanted to agree her Friday night plans with us.


So protracted negotiation

Took centre stage

And after 20 minutes

We finally got back to the plot

Only to find

We had missed so much of the program that we hadn’t got a clue what was happening

Thankfully we soon got back into it


As I thought about this

It occurred to me

That this is so often our experience with the Holy Spirit

He speaks but the noise of life gets in the way

Noise takes over


But God is still speaking

God is always reaching out to you.

Because you are never separated from God; he is always there inside you

You may feel separated

You may feel alone

But what you feel with your emotions

Is not the total truth


Yes, the noise is real, and the noise is there


God is constantly speaking,


and reminding you

that you are a joint-heir with Christ,

that you are now the righteousness of Christ.

He has invested the glory of heaven into your frail,

weak body,

and his power



and radiates inside your flesh.


You are a powerhouse of God’s glory,

the amazing home of divine wonder.


His commitment to you is eternal.

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