“Different Locks must be opened with different keys.”

“Different Locks must be opened with different keys.”


Okay, I know this is obvious

Every day you will realise that this is blatantly obvious


Just try

To unlock you front door with your car key!


Just try to unlock a door with a key you have lost



Last week I was putting my keys into my rucksack

When just for moment

I thought I had left them on the wall outside my car

My heart nearly missed a beat

If I had forgotten them, I might have stranded myself.

But it was just a scare

They were in my rucksack



God, (He must have been smiling) said to me


“Keys are safe, you are safe.

You are mine and you are safe.

But you need the keys to unlock the car

You need my Holy Spirit to unlock things and situations

It is there,

Inside you




God has supplied the keys

For every situation there is an answer

The answer has been provided

We just need to receive it

We need to acknowledge all he has given us

We need to unlock with the keys He has provided

The right key will unlock the situation


In Christ we have receive the bread of life

In Christ he has become our living Manna

Yesterday’s mana is dead

Today’s manna is alive

Today’s manna is Christ.

Today’s manna is alive in us

Today’s manna is available to those who want to eat it.

Today’s manna is Christ life energising our life.


Every situation has its answer in Christ

He is the author and finisher of our faith

He has the keys

He has given us the keys

He has placed the keys in our hands

He will do exceedingly, abundantly above all you could as or think according to the power alive within you.

For every situation he has given us the keys to unlock and open.

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