A few mornings ago, I was listening to Snow Patrol on my MP3

Started drifting off

Song by song

My imagination taking over

Listening to that quiet whisper, inside,

When I came to ‘Run’

Just let the music and the words flood over my thoughts, emotions,

When that little whisper started to speak to me


“I have run the race for you!

You run in my finished work”


And there it was, that full assurance in my heart

In Christ the race isn’t mine, it’s God’s.

The race I run is IN HIM

The prize I run for is His finished work alive in me

Through every thought, action, belief and intention.

His thoughts become my thoughts

Hi actions become my actions

His Beliefs become my beliefs

His intentions become my intentions,

He has run the race for me

I press on to live in the fullness of all he has done

I press on to live in the fullness of who I already am

I press on to transform my mind into my New Creation life.

The race in Christ is a drowning into his ocean of grace

A race into the unforced rhythms of grace

A race to receive the gold medal of His victory alive in me

For as He is so now am I.

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