Boundary Stone

So last week Annette and I went for a visit to a local castle

A wander through the gardens

Enjoying the summer sun

Summer flowers

Smelling the fragrance of the roses

Watching the bees and the butterflies

Stopping frequently on the benches

To stop and breathe and take in the beauty


And as we passed the by the castle wall and outside into the fields

We came across the boundary stone

The ancient stone that marks the end of the Castle estate and the start of the open fields

The stone that closes one adventure and leads to another

And has I looked at it

I felt God say, “I have placed my boundary stone in your heart,

A stone that keeps you safe,

A stone that holds you in me,

A stone of my security

A stone of my commitment

A stone of my unfailing love placed in you

A stone of my assurance in your heart.”


For Christ has placed us into the grace of Jesus Christ.

The boundary stone of his commitment to us has been planted into our hearts

We are kept and held by the truth of God’s word given to us in Christ.

His Commitment to us is the rock of his love alive in us.

We now have the word of the Father, and the truth of the Son alive in our hearts.

It is an everlasting commitment

It is an eternal acceptance

It is a limitless value

It is God’s value of us eternally given to us

It is the gift of his son alive in us.


His grace given to us in Christ is the rock of his commitment to us.

He has planted his life in us.

He has given us eternal life.

He has made us New Creations in Christ Jesus.

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