A Tool Box

Now there are somethings I am not good at

Swimming – I can’t swim, in fact it’s more like drowning

Golf – I can’t hit the ball off a tee- I have tried to amusement of others

To name a few

But my wife will agree that ‘Do- It-Yourself’ is probably high on my list

I get myself in all sorts of muddles

When it gets more complicated than changing batteries in the central heating clock

In fact my tool box

Is a sad excuse for a tool box

A few spanners, pliers, a saw, an old hammer and nails, nuts, washers and bolts

It is very sad


That is why when God shows me a picture of a tool box I know it’s important

Or he is having a laugh with me


So, I get this picture of a pristine tool box, full of new tools, all ready to be used

And God says,

“I have given you the tools you need.

I have placed my new tools, ready, opened there for you to use,

They have been given to you for you to use

Pick up the tools and use them.

Let me guide you,

Let me show you how to use them

Let me direct you

Take the tools, the gifts I have given you and let me work through you.

Do not doubt yourself, but let me work through you.”


Here is the truth of all Christ has given us

For Christ has placed his tools into our lives

His tools to work in and through us by his Holy Spirit

Supernatural tools

Tools of His life in us
















For all these tools are tools of reconciliation

Tools to craft and demonstrate the unconditional love of God

And instead of asking for God to give us these things

It is better to take the tools Christ has placed inside us

And use them in every situation of Christ


Let God reveal to you the tools he has given you

And let him work in and through you with those tools

He is an open tool box

He has given you the best tools

He is delighted with you

He is your tools in very situation of life.

Christ is the full supply of God given to you.

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