Dusty Willows

Dusty willows

The sign on the house read “Dusty Willows ”
Just another bungalow
On a road of of bungalows
Easy to miss
Easy to pass by
But God never passes by
He always engages with us
He is always trying to get our attention.

For it is here that he starts to chat
For what we see as dust
He sees as glory particles.
What we touch as dust
He touches with his glory

Nothing is ordinary to God
He transforms the dust into his glory.
Everything we do is important to God
Everything we believe is important to us.
For we can believe we are made in the image of God’s glory
Or we can believe we are made from the dust of the earth.
To God our dust is his glory
To us our dust is God’s glory

God’s chosen vessel is our dust
God’s temple for his glory is our dust.
We are more than dusty vessels
We are temples for the presence of heaven
We are containers for the life of Christ.
We are living and breathing New Creations of the resurrection victory of Christ

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