Sometimes We Live Blind

Sometimes we live blind

Our eyes don’t quite register with the life going on around us

Engrossed in our own world

Our own circumstances


The other day I watched in disbelief as two mobility scooters drove down the middle of a very busy street,

Outside our home.

Suddenly In a moment of utter madness

The leading mobility scooter stopped

And the leading lady started to adjust her rear-view mirror

Right there

In the middle of the road

Oblivious to the chaos and terror she was causing!

She was so engrossed in her own world

Just concentrating on the alignment of her mirror.

It was a moment of madness.


As I sat and watched this moment unfold

I realised that this is often the same madness that captures our minds

We focus on the immediate without taking into account that which has been provided for us.


For in Christ God has opened our eyes to the glory of heaven

For in Christ God has opened our eyes to the riches of Christ living in us

For Christ came to give the blind eyes sight

He came to heal our blindness

He came and opened our eyes.

He came and opened the door to his grace and invited us in

He came to set us free

And free means free

Not living under a cloud of condemnation

Not living under a cloud of obligation

But a freedom to be the wondrous person God created us to be

To be that child that God desired before the foundations of the world

So often the world swirls around us like a mist

And its obscures the beauty of our Father’s love and desire

God’s passion for us is a consuming fire

And He has opened our eyes to now see him as he really is






He invites us to behold his goodness and drown in his love

He has opened our eyes to his scandalous grace

An ocean of grace so vast that it we cannot see its beginning or its end

A grace that has been showered on all creation.

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