I AM…….

Sometimes you can’t miss what God is saying
He says it so often
right in your face
that it is impossible not to miss it
you don’t need a lightning bolt from heaven to tell you
you just need to be awake
it is there
in numerous ways
through different people
in front of your nose

And what is he saying
well, speak out the truth of who you are in Christ
speak out the “I Am”
agree with Jesus that “! Am” a New Creation in Christ.

Today : –

I am complete in him

I am sanctified

I am forever free from sin’s power

I am loved eternally

I am saved eternally

I am eternally kept in the palm of his hand

I am kept from falling

I am kept by the power of God

I am not condemned

I am one with Christ

I am quickened by his mighty power

I am seated in heavenly places

I am the head and not the tail

I am light in the darkness

I am a candle in a dark place

I am a city set on a hill

I am the salt of the earth

I am his sheep

I am a citizen of heaven

I am hidden with Christ in God

I am kept by the power of God

I am secure in Christ

I am set on a rock

I am more than a conqueror

I am a New Creation

I am a victor

I am healed by his stripes

I am covered by the blood of Jesus

I am sheltered under his wing

I am hidden in the secret place of the Almighty

I am God’s child

I am God’s possession

I am God’s workmanship

I am God’s temple

I am God’s vessel

I am God’s witness

I am God’s Ambassador

I am God’s treasure

I am God’s instrument

I am God’s chosen

I am God’s beloved

I am God’s heritage

I am God’s precious one


Every day live in the truth of who you are in Christ
You have overcome through the power that works and lives in you
In every moment of your life you are united in Christ
As he is, so now are you
You are held by the grace of God
embraced in his unconditional love.

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