I Regret Nothing

“I regret nothing”
Those were the words printed on a tee shirt of a student on the bus today
it just immediately spoke to my heart
it was like a light went on
shining like a beacon
like a wasp to a glass of lemonade the words came alive
the power of leaving the past behind
the power of moving on
the power of forgiving yourself
the power of living free
I regret nothing
so simple
so important
forgive yourself
so wonderful
to live a life without regret
and I am FREE

“I now regret nothing”
I am accepted
I am new in Christ
I don’t have to look back
I now have a hope, an assurance that all things work for my good.
regrets will hold me back
regrets cast a shadow over my future
Christ tells me I am secure
I am embraced in God
I am held in the unconditional love of God
he took all my regrets and cast them into his sea of forgetfulness
and he left them there
they died with him
I am free from my regrets
Since I am now alive in Christ.
and I am the delight of his heart
Accepted and not rejected
I’m embraced in his unconditional love.

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