like a  man standing on the edge of a shopping centre during a Saturday morning in a big town…
I often feel the world moving around me–
I try to touch it, even.
but somehow I am not a part of it.
It does not pass through me.
solitude amid the busy, talking, excited,
makes me want to disappear.
wishing I had more to give–
more self to impart, more heart to be engulfed by.
to reach out and change the world
or stand up and shout?

To change or be changed or perhaps
or just to press onward.
moments become opportunities for
deep breaths.

It is just an illusion, it is not who I am.
Because I am never alone.
Never separated from the eternal God who lives inside me.
I don’t have to look for God because He has found me.
I don’t have to search for God because He searched for me.
I don’t have to feel isolated for He has united me to Himself forever
I don’t have to strain to hear him for He is whispering to my heart.
I don’t have to plead with him because He has given me all things in Christ.
So why do I sometimes feel isolated.
Because I ask where did God go?
What happened to me?
His Spirit living in me is the answer to my hearts longing
His Spirit is his waves of Grace crashing over me.
I can never lose him
I can never be lost to him.
For He has found me and He holds on to me.
I am safe in Him.
What happened to me?
Christ embraced me
And I was changed forever
Held and kept by his grace.
Held and kept in His unconditional love.

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