The Red Car.

The Red Car.

It is so easy to slip back into the way of the world’s thinking.
It only takes a few seconds to revert back into old perspectives.
I know that I am a New Creation in Christ.
I know that I have the living God within me.
But it is those little instances and happenings that distract my mind into my old mindset.
Just a few seconds at a roundabout and a red car that decides not to stop.
In a few seconds my heart leaps and those negative perspectives capture my mind.
Instead of blessing, I get upset.
No need for it.
No excuse for it.
Because my decisions do not define me.
It is who I am on the inside that defines me.
I am new in Christ.

I am defined by his word alive in my heart.
I am who God says I am.
My heart knows it.
My spirit knows it.
But my mind and thoughts need to know it.
God works in me to transform my inner image of myself.
Who I am is who God has recreated me to be
For now my New Creation life is the good ground I can plant every promise and seed of God into.
And as God sows his word in me it will produce a ripe abundant harvest.
For Christ in me is the hope of glory not my performance or my self effort but His life alive in me.

Those moments in life where I slip back are in fact just what they really are.
Moments are not my life.
I live in each moment but I am defined by the unconditional love of God and the truth of Christ through his finished work.
Love and truth are the ripe harvest of my heart.

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