Wildflower Verges.

Wildflower Verges

The local council have tried to convince us that because they are not cutting the grass verges coming into the town they are creating wildflower havens.
Now there is some truth in this.
They are creating those wildflower havens.
But we all know they are really cutting back to save money.
The less verges that are cut = the more they save.
As it is with all things, it contains truth but it is not all the truth.
Annette asked a question, “What would happen if nature took over ? . Would it just keeps going, self seeding, forever?”
Here in the verges of wildflowers is a picture of God’s grace.
For everything has been provided for nature to flourish and thrive in the place where it seeds.
The seeds float on the breeze and life falls where it plants.
And here is one of the great strands of the bible and of life that God is with us in the midst of life.
That God is united in us and to and He is working to bring us into an awareness of his presence in everyday life.
We often strive and struggle to find the ‘will of God’.
When his will is that we enjoy his love and delight right here, right now in every circumstance of life.
For His life in us is the power to overcome and know his love working in us.
For we are never separated from the love of God.
He is the awareness of heaven in our hearts
He is the assurance that all our needs are supplied in Christ.
He is the kindness that captivates our emotions.
He is the light that guides our path.
He is the loving father that embraces us.
He is the party on the inside.
And his seed always produces good fruit.

We need never fear or doubt because God always produces the perfect fruit from the perfect seed planted in us.
It is His seed
It is His fruit
It is perfect, righteous and Holy.
Because Christ is perfect, righteous and Holy.
He is planted into our hearts.
Only the good seed of Christ produces the perfect fruit of God.
He has sowed his seed into our hearts and He will reap it’s harvest in our hearts.
We are the ripe, summer harvest of the unconditional love of God.


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