Somewhere in the Garden Centre.

Somewhere in the Garden Centre.

My wife and I love different varieties of flowers.
I adore heuchera. She isn’t to keen.
But the one we both agree on is “Cosmos”
Easy to keep, stunning in colour.
These are definitely our favourite.
And so a trip to the garden centre is usually a search to find them.
And hidden away in the centre we found a few.
Red and White to be precise.
But it was worth the search.
And today potted up they sit on our patio.
Adding colour and life to our garden.
As I look on them and in all their glory, I see all that God has provided for me in these beautiful flowers.
The God is the universe created each one of them for me to enjoy.
For God wants me to enjoy him.
It is not enough for God that I just like.
It is not enough for Christ that I just acknowledge.
He is passionate that I embrace and enjoy.
His desire for me is that I enjoy all he has given me.
And this can sometimes seem alien to me,
Almost disrespectful
That I enjoy God
But that is what love is
It is an enjoyment of being with each other.
A sharing of our intimate emotions and feelings.
God wants my emotions to enjoy him.
God wants me to experience his joy
His love
His delight
For when I enjoy him , I am really enjoying his love alive in me.
He wants to enjoy me.
He pursues me to captivate my heart
He is jealous for me.

God’s unconditional has been poured into my life for me to overflow with his goodness and kindness.
Enjoying God is what I was created to do.
Enjoying God is the reason God came in Christ and reconciled me back to God.
Enjoying God is the glory of my New Creation life.
I was made to enjoy God forever.



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